Hot Hair trends for the Colder Months

The hottest hair trends for Fall and Winter are super sexy and interesting to say the least!

Many girls are on the grow-out from the cute bobs and pixie styles that were popular in the summer.

Look for:

  • Longer length around the face for short hair
  • Lots of Layers
  • Sexy waves
  • Bigger volume
  • Bangs
  • Color is warmer, richer

Think delicious cinnamon to plum reds, espresso to cocoa browns, and pale champagne to caramel blondes.

Technicolor hues are layered in as add-ons--think deep violet, lapisblues and fuchsia pinks as highlights--not as overall colors.

Remember no matter what color or length you decide on, keep hair healthy, shiny and moisturized for optimum effect!

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone