Sexy Spring Pastels

In just a few weeks Spring will be here and we'll welcome some fresh new shades to prep us for the warm weather!

After sporting deeper tones of blues, pinks and greens with our forever staple of black, it's exciting to bring in softer variations without being too "sherbet".

2016 is the year of the "bright" pastel, worn with white, black or beige. This helps it to truly stand out as an actual color instead of it looking boring and monochromatic.
Think a brighter sky blue, lavender, pale rose pink, celery, light watermelon, and soft poppy orange. Beautiful, uplifting colors that add a touch of freshness to your work or weekend wardrobe.

But this isn't only for clothes!

Accessories such as shoes, cotton or silk scarves, belts and handbags help to bring in the Spring!

And let's not forget your makeup-- the newest smoky-eye trend isn't smokey at all; it's a softer, ombré'd version that pulls your entire look look together and creates a very youthful look that can go from office to dinner seamlessly.

The company NYX ( makes this look super easy and amazingly affordable, so shifting into sexy eyes and lips can be done in a classy and natural way.

Don't forget lashes and a strong liner reminiscent ofMarilyn Monroe and icons from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Check out my Pinterest board on Beautiful Icons to get some ideas...

Hair styles and colors for this season are soft waves and sparkly highlights on all shades of hair from blonde, to red, to brunette with hidden under shades of rose, lavender or violet, and sky blue to sea green. Ombré hair is on its' way out everyone, so time to bring those highlights back up to the root area. The new ombré  is blending highlights down into those lighter ends for a rich, shiny, healthy look- which you can see some of my creations on

I hope you enjoyed my latest Rita to the Rescue! Feel free to Like and Share, and send any questions you have about all things beauty to my website.

Be the star that you are!

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone

Hot Hair trends for the Colder Months

The hottest hair trends for Fall and Winter are super sexy and interesting to say the least!

Many girls are on the grow-out from the cute bobs and pixie styles that were popular in the summer.

Look for:

  • Longer length around the face for short hair
  • Lots of Layers
  • Sexy waves
  • Bigger volume
  • Bangs
  • Color is warmer, richer

Think delicious cinnamon to plum reds, espresso to cocoa browns, and pale champagne to caramel blondes.

Technicolor hues are layered in as add-ons--think deep violet, lapisblues and fuchsia pinks as highlights--not as overall colors.

Remember no matter what color or length you decide on, keep hair healthy, shiny and moisturized for optimum effect!

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone

Voluminous hair!

Hair with volume and bounce is a MUST this season- but how to achieve it? 

My magical tips will help you get a boost and keep your hair healthy! 

Start with Pantene Full and Strong body boost shampoo and conditioner. These products moisturize without un-needed residue to weigh hair down. 

Towel dry. Add one pump of John Frieda anti-damage serum on your ends ONLY, and my biggest and best secret is to add dry shampoo directly to your roots and blow out with a medium-sized ceramic round brush. 

When you're done, give your hair a spritz of Fructis Sleek and Shine hairspray with bamboo extract and you'll have volume all day long. All of the products I've mentioned are available on Now watch my video for my personal, easy to create-big- hair tricks! Go big or go home!

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone

Color all the way!

Wearing color as adornments can be classy and empowering. Here's my take on brights: Do pale pink, fuschia, electric blue, peacock tones, multicolored feathers and rose gold.

The best mascara you'll ever use

Ladies and gents who wear mascara.

I have been flipped, stolen away from Lancôme, my staple go-to for hypoallergenic lash lushness. MAC has outdone themselves again! Haute and Naughty Lash is just that. With its dual brushes- one for defining, the other for thickening, I'm a fan! My lashes are ridiculously black, thick, un-clumped, defined and delicious. This is the new luscious lash mascara that I've always imagined. And it lasts, doesn't flake off like the old formula.

If you're on my Christmas list, you'll be getting this. A perfect start to your day. Expect to feel sexy for 22 dollars a tube. A steal! Get it here. 

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Purple hair? Yes, you can.

Fun hair colors are here to stay!

What started out as a fad a year ago- think all-over pale lavender, blue and pink hues are now a staple in fashionable hair.

The new way to do it though, is in a more acceptable style. From fashionistas to corporate ladies, highlights and ombré in purple, fuschia, blue, red and every color in between and blended together is the hottest and latest. From teens to 60 plus years old, technicolor and pastels are in and aren't leaving anytime soon.

The classiest way to wear these sexy tones is to have them highlighted into your hair, from underneath if you're an office gal, to overall panels on the top layer if you're in a creative field and it's more acceptable.

The sexy ombré in brights, especially red and violet is another way to go. You can also opt for hair extensions and pop them in on the weekend for a temporary fix.

Whatever you choose, have fun and ride the rainbow!

Copyright 2015/Rita Ragone

Food for Beauty: All Things Avocado

This amazing fruit is really good for our skin, hair and nails anytime of year.
I make sure to eat avocado a couple of times a week at the very least either plain, over salad, grilled or in guacamole. It's versatile and easy to integrate into your life.

Why It's Good For You

Avocado is chock full of essential fatty acids, which keeps our skin supple and our hair shiny and healthy. I noticed just this past Summer that my tan was deeper and lasted longer, so it must also have some pretty good antioxidant qualities as well...

You can use organic avocado oil as well- I apply it directly to my skin for a boost of moisture. It's a fantastic makeup remover as well. Because this oil is easily absorbed, it's wonderful for dry hair and scalp- I found it more nourishing and less greasy than coconut and olive oil. It's a Godsend for coarse and curly hair.

I even make a nice soothing masque out of a tablespoon of overly- ripe avocado. This is especially good for the upcoming chilly weather when our skin is most dry and prone to wrinkling.

Rita's Recipe for Soothing, Smoothing Avocado Mask is:

  • 1-2 tbs. of ripe avocado

  • 1teas. honey

  • 3 drops lemon juice

  • 1teas. avocado or olive oil.

Mash together in a small bowl. Apply directly to a clean, damp face. Apply a warm washcloth over this, leave on for 5 minutes. 

Note: Apply a thicker layer over drier areas like under eyes, around mouth and neck area.
Rinse with lukewarm water.

Copyright 2015/Rita Ragone