For those of you who can't sleep!

For my insomniac brothers and sisters out there--- here's the BEST way to fall asleep!

When you're laying in bed, get into a comfortable position, preferably on your back.

Place your hands comfortably on your stomach, or at your sides.

Imagine the most beautiful midnight blue sky encompassing you, above you, beneath, all around you. 

See gorgeous twinkling silver stars all around you, lifting you- you're weightless, floating in the blue; safe, peaceful, quiet, released of all stress and fear. You are One with the Universe...

Float gently, you can see starlight all around you. 

Float for as long as you need to, relaxing into sleep. This exercise will peacefully coax you into a stress-free relaxed state. 

Dream On!

Don't forget about your inner beauty.

Inner beauty is just as important as outer. Maybe even more so.

Here's a quick rejuvenating meditation to perk you up during the mid-day "blah's"!

Whether you're in a cubicle, on the subway or working from home, the mid-day blah's can sneak up on you- zapping your energy and making you less than productive. 

Take 5 minutes and renew restore your energy with my advice that really works!

Close your eyes.

Picture your favorite color.

Imagine yourself completely wrapped in your color of choice.

Fell safe and secure in this, almost floating.

Picture yourself in your favorite spot.

This could be anything from you own bed to a beautiful sandy beach. 

See and feel yourself being happy, safe, secure, peaceful.

Breathe in, hold to the count of five.

Breathe out slowly to the count of five.

Feel yourself relax.

Imagine yourself smiling, being happy.

Count to ten, release all stress with your last breath!

You're ready to conquer the world!

Namaste, beautiful Day!

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone

Just for you!

If you'd like to try one of my fave quickie manifesting meditations, this one really works!

Super easy🌟 takes 3-5 minutes...

Go to your "quiet place".

Connect to your Higher self/ Universal Light and Love (you can say " I Am Connected to my Higher Self, or I Am That I Am, etc)

Now, imagine SPARKLY beautiful GOLDEN light pouring into you from head to toe, flowing gently into you, around you, through you. Releasing all fears, insecurities, negativities, etc.

SEE yourself as a sparkly, golden being of light☀️

Declare that: I AM THAT I AM!

GOLD LIGHT purifies, and manifests ONLY positive intentions.

Bring your intention/ wish into your light, hold it at your heart chakra wrapped in GOLD LIGHT. Breathe it in...

Hold your intention while this beautiful Love-light is flowing.

FEEL the SAFETY, BLISS and JOY of your manifested wish being reality in its highest form for your greatest and highest good.

(FYI: The joy you feel during this exercise feels like a buzzing, tickling sensation in your solar plexus/ heart chakra areas! You may actually laugh during the exercise- a GOOD THING- laughter is release!💋)

Repeat I AM THAT I AM, and really feel that GOLD LIGHT. Breathe it into every cell if your body.
See beautiful blue light wrapping around your aura, locking in positive light, love and clarity.

Release the Gold Light, letting it flow into Mother Earth, giving love... And allowing the sparkles to stay inside of you--gently moving, polishing, creating wellness, peace and knowing.

See your intention wrapped in GOLD and Blue Light , let it rise ABOVE YOUR HEAD, and watch it BURST into a huge STAR SHOWER above your head, BLESSING you with the PERFECT OUTCOME for you.

Lock it in by saying "IT IS DONE!" And clap once.

Once you starburst your intention, watch for signs that it's manifesting. It can happen pretty fast!

Sending much love and perfection of being! Namaste!💋

Copyright 2016/Rita Ragone