Purple hair? Yes, you can.

Fun hair colors are here to stay!

What started out as a fad a year ago- think all-over pale lavender, blue and pink hues are now a staple in fashionable hair.

The new way to do it though, is in a more acceptable style. From fashionistas to corporate ladies, highlights and ombré in purple, fuschia, blue, red and every color in between and blended together is the hottest and latest. From teens to 60 plus years old, technicolor and pastels are in and aren't leaving anytime soon.

The classiest way to wear these sexy tones is to have them highlighted into your hair, from underneath if you're an office gal, to overall panels on the top layer if you're in a creative field and it's more acceptable.

The sexy ombré in brights, especially red and violet is another way to go. You can also opt for hair extensions and pop them in on the weekend for a temporary fix.

Whatever you choose, have fun and ride the rainbow!

Copyright 2015/Rita Ragone