The best mascara you'll ever use

Ladies and gents who wear mascara.

I have been flipped, stolen away from Lancôme, my staple go-to for hypoallergenic lash lushness. MAC has outdone themselves again! Haute and Naughty Lash is just that. With its dual brushes- one for defining, the other for thickening, I'm a fan! My lashes are ridiculously black, thick, un-clumped, defined and delicious. This is the new luscious lash mascara that I've always imagined. And it lasts, doesn't flake off like the old formula.

If you're on my Christmas list, you'll be getting this. A perfect start to your day. Expect to feel sexy for 22 dollars a tube. A steal! Get it here. 

Copyright 2015/Rita Ragone